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For medical, economical or family reasons, in some cases the families have no other choice but to place their elders in nursing homes. These facilities are heavily regulated by State and county authorities. The majorities of these establishments follows the rules and provide good care to their patients. Unfortunately there are some who do not and their negligence cause injuries, pain and suffering to their patients. There have been cases in which it was proven that their personnel beat and psychologically abused their patients.  Sometimes the elder patients are scared to report these and other abuses due to their dependency to the nursing home. In such circumstances, is incumbent upon the relatives to detect the signs of abuse and contact our offices immediately. These are some signs that your friend or relative might be suffering from elder abuse at a nursing home:

● Depression and a sudden “withdrawal”, especially if the person had been active and had a positive attitude until recently.

● Dehydration.

● Bed sores as an indication that the patient is not being moved and is not receiving proper care.

● Sudden bruises or body marks for which the patient does not have a reasonable explanation and/or the explanation from     the nurses and doctors does not sound convincing, is confusing or contradicts the patient’s account of the events.

● The news that other patients have been abuse in the same facility.

These cases need the involvement of a legal team with a keen understanding of the regulations of the nursing homes and knowledge about elder issues and medical conditions. Protect your friend or relative from elder abuse and contact us with your doubts and questions. We represent these clients on a contingency basis, which means that we do not charge attorney’s fees unless we win.

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