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Being sexually assaulted or being sexually harrassed in the workplace by someone who had our trust (a teacher, a supervisor at work or a religious authority) is one of the most difficult and traumatic experience a person can suffer in his or her life. We strongly believe that the victims of sexual harrassement in the workplace and the victims of sexual abuse should have a voice and should be protected. The damage to a victim of sexual abuse or sexual harrassement might have consequences for a long period of time. The perpetrators of these crimes should be legally prosecuted and the victim should be compensated. The law allows the victims to present their claims against the perpetrators and the organizations (employers, School Districts or religious establishments) who protected the wrongdoers or whose negligence permitted these crimes to take place. Some example of these cases are:

● Being sexually harrassed in the workplace by a supervisor, a senior member of the organization or the owner of the      company.

● Being sexually harrassed by a workmate, you reported the situation and the company management ignored or further     encouraged the harrassement.

● Sexual abuse in educational institutions (child care, school, colleges).

● Sexual abuse in religious establishments.

● Sexual abuse by religious counselors and camp counselors.

● Negligence of organizations who do not track the record of their employees.

● Religious organizations who protect the perpetrators of sexual abuses.

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