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Sergio Benedetto is very good Attorney! In a sea of having to pick among a plethora of morons, Sergio is a jewel in the lotus, an oasis in a desert and you are lucky if you find him! This guy is a real professional, very competent, and sharp! Very compassionate and smart. In our complex case, he navigated the twists and turns with genius precision and I was ceaselessly surprised by his knowledge and proactive ahead-of-the-game law tactics. He knows his stuff! His staff is great too! They were always on top of things, reminded me about my appointments, were always there to answer questions and always listened to me when I had concerns and were very understanding and kind. Calls were immediately returned and they worked with me as a team, not as a disembodied distant entity or just another case. Together, we were real human beings working together!

His group of doctors and treatment professionals were also very good. I was treated very well and received good treatment. This guy knows what he is doing and is a real fighter. He also rescued me from a pig sociopath Attorney who botched the case and was an incompetent low life, so I really appreciated Sergio's professionalism, caring-ness, confidence and his handling of my case every step of the way. He knows what he is doing! He also speaks several languages and he is familiar with various cultures….a smart dude!!!


I will also add that his offices are very clean and have a warm feeling. His staff is sweet and nice; they are all very well dressed and present a feeling of comfort and security. They have class!

To sum it up, I love Sergio and his great staff. I will keep referring him and those that find him are lucky!

Ava B.

Los Angeles, CA

This testimonial or endorsement does not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter

since every case is different.

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