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When a person has been exposed to materials or chemical substances he or she can be seriously injured. The most common cases of toxic contaminations are those when a person has been exposed to toxic chemicals as a result of his or her job, ingest toxic medicines or by living in an area contaminated by chemical substances, radiocative or magnetic fields. The cases of toxic contamination in the workplace are common due to the fact that factory workers are more exposed to chemical substances than the general population.

One of the most serious chemical contamination is the one caused by asbestos exposures. Asbestos is used in construction sites and is extremely dangerous. A long period of exposure to this material can cause illness to the respiratory system (mesothelioma) and some types of cancer. The medical conditions caused by asbestos exposure can dramatically disrupt the life of the affected individual and sometimes cause his or her death. If you have been diagnosed with a diseased for being exposed to any toxic or chemical material you might be entitled to a significant monetary compensation. You could receive a compensation to pay for your medical expenses, loss of future earnings due to your condition and additional compensations. Some common chemicals that have caused toxic contamination are asbestos, beryllium, benzene, manganese, silica and pesticides. Some diseases caused by the exposure to these chemicals are asbestosis, mesothelioma, leukemia, lung diseases, Hodgkins’ disease, aplastic anemia, silicosis and several types of cancer.

A case for toxic contamination can be presented against farmaceutical companies, medicine manufactures or even against the medical doctors who prescribed them. The defective products are in these case the prescribed medicine. The defective medicines are usually recalled or discontinued and taken from the comercial circulation, but sometimes that action is too late to prevent injuries to the consumers who already ingested them.

The cases of toxic contamination are very serious. In the majority of these cases you have to confront powerful corporations and that can be intimidating and demoralizing. We can help you in every step to obtain the just compensation you deserve. We do not charge for a legal consultation and will represent you on a contingency agreement, which means that we will not charge attorney’s fees unless we win your case.

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